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What's inside

There are 3 ways to "have" a website - so I was told by support after they had to move ALL my websites off the internet.

Use an application like Wordpress

- Pro: it's easy to use and I love it

-Con: You never know if you install plugins that have open doors and your hosting company shuts down all your sites

Use a software like Dreamweaver, Golife, Frontpage that sits on your computer and then you upload it to the server via FTP

Pro: I have started out doing websites with Dreamweaver and they are less likely to be hack and if, you just delete everything on the server and upload your computer version

Con: You gotta know how to use them, know a bit more about HTML than with Wordpress. They are not always mobile friendly or responsive. And you can't do cool stuff unless you know your HTML and PHP and what ever other language.

Use the hosting companies version.

Pro: They take care that it is safe

Con: Another Learning curve (in my case at least, if you have not done anything before, it'll just be your first learning curve) and you are certainly limited in what you can do. And it costs extra for each site. And I have many.

What to do?

I'd like to keep this site on Dreamweaver to keep up my skills. Why buy it if I don't use it? Even if it's almost only when I get hacked again. BTW I vote for death penalty for such hackers!

For my Lifestyledream site I quickly installed another Wordpress and I'm trying out new themes :-) and backing it up daily, or at least every time I login.

And I might take one of the other domains and try out "Sites" and see what it can do. It comes with a 30 day trial.

Between 9 am (@333) and 9 PM (@830) I am usually online. Or skype me: sarnetwork



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